SyncWords Launches Live Dubbing, the World’s Most Advanced AI Platform for Live Voice-Over

SyncWords, a trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events, has unveiled its new AI-powered voice-over service, Live Dubbing, for live events and meetings. This proprietary patent-pending platform combines AI, automation, and cloud-based delivery and is the first-in-class AI live dubbing platform for multiple languages.

Revolutionizing Communications with Live Dubbing

With Live Dubbing, event hosts and organizers can scale their messaging to audiences far beyond their original reach by presenting content dubbed live in over 40 languages of their choice. AI voice-over is a highly cost-effective and scalable solution for global events and meetings. The cost is set, and new languages can be easily introduced at the last minute, even on the day of the event. This gives event hosts the ultimate flexibility when planning events.

Aggressive language scalability allows users to deliver regional accents like Canadian French and Belgian. Instant voice adaptation makes both female and male voice variations possible to suit all client needs. SyncWords integrates seamlessly with 40+ virtual event platforms and allows smooth instant language switching using a drop-down menu.

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The Benefits of Live Dubbing

Cost-effective and scalable: Live Dubbing allows event hosts the flexibility to introduce new languages at the last minute, even on the day of the event.

Language and volume scalability: Interpretation is no longer an added layer or completely human-dependent. Live Dubbing can cater to global customers with its language and volume scalability. Whether using human captioners to start in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French or Automatic Live Captioning in 45+ languages, Live Dubbing can deliver translated voice dubs for your event in 40+ languages.

Smooth delivery: Live Dubbing delivers audio dubs in several ways, including in-player, on-platform, via a stand-alone page, or custom QR code for mobile. The end-user experience is extremely friendly, giving an easy way to switch between and listen to the chosen language.

The Future of Communications with SyncWords’ Live Dubbing

We believe Live Dubbing in 40+ languages is a revolutionary innovation that changes how companies and video streamers communicate, enabling them to target audiences several times larger than their current market. This will help increase their revenues and outreach in a significant way, both affordably and conveniently.

Says Ashish Shah, CEO and co-founder of SyncWords

SyncWords has been providing a comprehensive platform and services for both Live and Pre-Recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in 100+ languages. With Live Dubbing, SyncWords is poised to address the most crucial aspect of reach in the content space. Communications have never been simpler and more intimate in the industry, and SyncWords is proud to lead the way with Live Dubbing.


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