Maritime Missions: HD80-AIM Gimbal System Boosts Efficiency and Accuracy

Trillium Engineering has announced a new minimally manned aircraft system that is set to transform maritime missions. The HD80-AIM, a new gimbal system, offers a range of advanced features designed to simplify search and rescue operations, fight piracy, and combat illegal fishing. The system contains two primary full motion video (FMV) cameras, makes use of three image bands, and has a fully integrated AI system designed to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Trillium Engineering Unveils New Minimally Manned Aircraft System

Trillium Engineering’s new HD80-AIM gimbal system offers customers the ability to conduct close vessel inspection and identification from an undetectable range. According to Ryan O’Connor, Trillium’s Vice President of Engineering, the system reduces payload costs, weight, and complexity. The fully integrated AI system can improve mission success and facilitate comprehensive analysis for maritime missions covering vast areas of open ocean. The system is built on the baseline configuration of the HD80 gimbal and leverages Trillium’s universal, core imaging technology coupled with SkyLink software.

How HD80-AIM is Transforming Maritime Missions

The HD80-AIM’s design is particularly well-suited to combat illegal fishing, search and rescue operations, and piracy. The system’s specialized sensors systematically and continuously scan the vast search area, highlighting objects of interest. When objects are flagged for human review, the HD80-AIM promptly notifies the operator and presents geolocation points with an image clip for further assessment. This allows for quick and comprehensive analysis that can greatly increase the success rate of maritime missions.

Features and Benefits of HD80-AIM Gimbal System

  • Reduces payload cost, weight, and complexity
  • Contains two primary full motion video (FMV) cameras
  • Uses visible, Near-IR, and Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) bands
  • Fully integrated AI system for increased efficiency
  • Facilitates comprehensive analysis for maritime missions

The HD80-AIM gimbal system offers a range of features designed to enhance performance, efficiency, and mission success. Its fully integrated AI system coupled with specialized sensors and imaging technology can dramatically increase efficiency and accuracy. With the increase of illegal fishing, piracy, and search and rescue operations around the world, the HD80-AIM’s quick and comprehensive analysis offers a potential solution.


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