HCS Pharma expects a 90% success rate on cancer drugs tests

HCS Pharma is a promising French startup. It expects a 90% success rate in the cancer drugs tests due to the re-creation of organs in-vitro with BIOMIMESYS technology. Its BIOMIMESYS technology is an innovation that is already benefiting cancer treatment research. These results are a great boost and progress towards cancer research. The current 2D technologies generate 90% failures.

Creating in-vitro organs for drugs trials

Creating in-vitro organs through BIOMIMESYS  technology is already benefiting cancer treatment research. Besides, to test drugs, clinicians need tests of healthy or diseased organs. In this manner, HCS Pharma groups have fostered a methodology that empowers the reconstitution of a solid or infected organ in the research center.

unnamed HCS Pharma expects a 90% success rate on cancer drugs tests

BIOMIMESYS is the main framework as of now equipped for reconstitution of fake organs or tissues from a little amount of human or creature cells. In concrete terms, it is as follows:

An organ in the human body comprises cells. These are joined to a strong platform and washed in a thick hydrogel climate. BIOMIMESYS  innovation, otherwise called Hydroscaffold(™), joins the multiplication of a strong framework to which cells can connect utilizing grip proteins and a hydrogel-like climate. Organs or tissues are then made by populating the cells in this Hydroscaffold(™).

Hence, this revolutionary technology allows in-vitro tests to be carried out in conditions similar to the human body’s organs. In- vitro tests are a critical step in the development of new drugs. They enable the efficacy of a molecule to be validated. And its non-toxicity to be tested as close as possible to biological reality.

Initial test results

Initial results achieved alone or in partnership with several cancer research institutes (CNRS, INSERM within the ONCOLille Institute) show that it is possible to stop the proliferation of cancer cells. And therefore, the progression of the tumor by targeting the cells that generate this stress. HCS Pharma was recognized as a “Deep Tech Pioneer” by the Hello Tomorrow challenge in 2020. It was also awarded by the prestigious NHRI (National Health Research Institute) of Taiwan during BIO ASIA Taiwan 2021. BIOMIMESYS  is the result of more than 20 years of academic research and industrial development by a team of 5 researchers. The team was led by Nathalie Maubon, President and Scientific Director of HCS Pharma, 22 years of experience in biotechnology alongside Zied Souguir, PhD, Senior Researcher in Biomaterials and inventor of this technology in its current form / CIO and Elodie Vandenhaute, PhD / COO, Project Director in Biology.

About HCS Pharma

HCS Pharma is a biotechnology organization that creates and distributes items for developing human or creature cells in an artificially created organ-like climate. Its technology is based on a 3D cell culture framework. The framework best duplicates the organic climate and empowers better outcomes for research and natural testing. HCS Pharma’s flagship product is BIOMIMESYS  Hydroscaffold (™). It is offered to its customers from various industries such as the pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic, and food industries.


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