Mastering Cybersecurity Communication with Info-Tech’s Blueprint

In a world where cyber-related attacks and risks are on the rise, Info-Tech Research Group has released a new blueprint aimed at helping cybersecurity leaders effectively communicate and build trust with executive stakeholders. The blueprint, titled “Present Security to Executive Stakeholders,” provides a step-by-step methodology for cybersecurity leaders to develop and deliver impactful presentations.

Navigating Cybersecurity Communication Challenges

Organizations today are grappling with an ever-changing threat landscape, making cybersecurity communication a daunting task. According to Info-Tech Research Group, one of the main challenges faced by cybersecurity leaders is determining what to present and how to present security to executive stakeholders. This difficulty arises due to factors such as rapidly expanding threat landscapes, evolving industry regulations and standards, and emergent organizational objectives that necessitate alignment within the security team.

Info-Tech’s Four-Step Approach for Leaders

The blueprint offers a structured four-step approach for cybersecurity leaders to effectively prepare and deliver executive communication, helping them achieve their communication goals. The steps include:

  1. Identify Communications Goals – Defining the purpose and desired outcome of the communication.
  2. Collect Information to Support Goals – Leveraging data and analytics to provide quantitative-based communication stategy.
  3. Develop a Communication Strategy to Present Goals – Using a storytelling approach to engage with the audience.
  4. Deliver Meaningful Information – Establishing credibility and trust with stakeholders to gain their support for security objectives.

Enhancing Organizational Security Posture

By bridging the gap between security leaders and executive stakeholders within an organization, cybersecurity leaders can work towards improving the overall security posture. To accomplish this, cybersecurity leaders should focus on conducting background research on audience members to better understand how to communicate with them and overcome potential objections. Furthermore, verifying objectives at the end of communication is crucial to ensure that they have effectively communicated their message to the stakeholders.

In summary, by adopting Info-Tech Research Group’s blueprint, cybersecurity leaders can overcome challenges in communicating with executive stakeholders and, in turn, strengthen their organization’s security posture. By effectively navigating the complexities of cybersecurity communication, leaders can build trust and collaboration across all levels of the organization.


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