MosoLabs Leads in Private 5G with Moso Canopy 5GID2 Launch

Technology giant MosoLabs has yet again broken boundaries, this time bringing forward a cutting-edge 5G solution designed to empower private networks. The global tech leader unveiled Moso Canopy 5GID2, a first-of-its-kind 5G indoor radio supporting private network ecosystems.

Introduction to MosoLabs and Moso Canopy 5GID2

MosoLabs, known for its innovative solutions for LTE and 5G private and neutral host networks, recently unveiled the Moso Canopy 5GID2. This 5G indoor radio is designed for simple indoor installations and offers a host of benefits. These include 4Gbps speed, which is up to 4x higher than current 5G radios, enterprise-grade design with superior power efficiency, and support for 5G RedCap Release 17, enabling new use cases for enterprises, industrial IoT, and even smart cities.

Key Partnerships Boosting Private 5G Adoption

In its commitment to drive private cellular network adoption and deliver immediate value, MosoLabs has partnered with network technology and application partners like Ataya, Ecrio, and TorkHub. These partnerships are aimed at enhancing business efficiencies, improving customer experience, and enabling new business operations. Specifically, MosoLabs and Ataya have partnered to build indoor and outdoor Chorus-powered access points, while MosoLabs and Ecrio are focusing on unified critical communications and data collection for industrial verticals.

Impact on Industries: Use Cases of MosoLabs’ 5G Solutions

MosoLabs’ breakthroughs are not limited to tech development alone. The company’s innovations have found significant utilization across various industry verticals. Whether it’s connecting motorsports via private 5G networks in partnership with TorkHub or creating a simplified deployment model for private 5G networks, MosoLabs is indeed making its mark. The company’s features, such as low latency and high-upstream capacity communication, ensure a seamless experience for users.

In summary, MosoLabs continues to reinvent the spectrum of 5G private networks by developing breakthrough solutions, forging key partnerships, and creating direct impact across industry verticals with their state-of-the-art benefits. The unveiling of the Moso Canopy 5GID2 adds another milestone to MosoLabs’ journey in the 5G domain, demonstrating its commitment to pioneering private 5G solutions.

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