Xyte Unleashes Game-Changing Connectivity with ‘Xyte Anywhere’

In a major boost for manufacturer connectivity, Xyte and Monogoto have launched Xyte Anywhere. The all-in-one servitization platform promises to provide guaranteed cloud connectivity for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) irrespective of their end customers’ enterprise networks. The innovative solution is set to revolutionize lifecycle management in the industry.

Introduction to Xyte Anywhere: The All-in-One Solution

Xyte Anywhere, powered by Monogoto’s technology, enables device and hardware manufacturers to manage their products’ lifecycle from the moment they leave the warehouse till they reach customers and during aftermarket sales. Up until now, these manufacturers have had to maintain multiple contracts with separate network providers across diverse locations. Xyte Anywhere aims to simplify this task.

Benefits of Xyte Anywhere for Device Manufacturers

With Xyte Anywhere, XDC-equipped OEMs can now directly and permanently preinstall Monogoto eSIMs into their devices. This comes with the benefit of full remote management, which is independent of an end customer’s enterprise network. Cloud connectivity can be established securely via any of the hundreds of mobile providers that make up Monogoto’s cloud-based cellular network. Constant connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted access to data, is thus a reality for manufacturers.

Monogoto’s Role in Guaranteeing Cloud Connectivity

Monogoto, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions, serves a critical role in the Xyte Anywhere solution. Its cloud-based cellular network provides global coverage in more than 180 countries via 550 mobile networks. This ensures a seamless and reliable connection for manufacturers across the world, removing geographical limitations and significantly enhancing the scope of connected devices.

In conclusion, Xyte Anywhere represents a significant leap forward in advancing the vision of end-to-end management of connected devices throughout their lifecycle. By minimizing fragmentation and streamlining remote management, it is poised to make a significant impact on device and hardware manufacturers’ operations, potentially reshaping processes and outcomes within the industry. This latest product reinforces Xyte and Monogoto’s position as trailblazers in the connectivity space.

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