NETA Auto Charges into Indonesian Market with Electric Debut

Chinese automotive brand NETA Auto is stepping into the Indonesian market, introducing their high-quality, innovative electric vehicles at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2023. Their intention is not just to export products, but to achieve a localized development.

NETA Auto Makes its Debut at GIIAS 2023

In a bold move into the Indonesian market, NETA Auto debuted at the GIIAS 2023 exhibition, unveiling their latest products. The NETA S, an intelligent sports coupe; the NETA U, an ultra-long endurance intelligent BEV-SUV; and the NETA V, a trendy intelligent vehicle designed for the youth, were all introduced. Significantly marking NETA Auto’s global expansion, this automotive brand is strategically poised to capture the huge potential that the Indonesian market with its population of over 200 million holds.

Future Goals and International Plans of NETA Auto

As Wang Chengjie, President Director of PT NETA Auto Indonesia, shared, the core of NETA lies in innovation and intelligent technology, extending beyond just vehicles. Their three Product research and development centers are dedicated to the production of high-quality electric cars loaded with innovative technologies, tailored to suit today’s society’s needs. Furthermore, NETA Auto posts plans of localized assembly production from 2024, aimed at systematic export as part of their business strategy. Their ambition of “Tech for all” is currently branching into various overseas markets, intending to leverage opportunities of electrification and intelligentization globally.

NETA Auto’s Strategic Partnership in Indonesia

In solidifying the ties with the Indonesian market, NETA Auto signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Indonesian partner PT Handal Indonesia Motor in July. This crucial partnership visions to synchronize efforts for localized assembly production of NETA products from 2024, working in harmony with the Indonesian government’s environmentally friendly initiatives. The Indonesian population can also look forward to pre-ordering NETA Auto’s advanced electric vehicles during this year’s GIIAS.

In conclusion, NETA Auto’s entry into the Indonesian market is a calculated step in their globalization pursuit. Their debut at the GIIAS 2023, their innovative and technologically advanced products, and partnership with PT Handal Indonesia Motor demonstrate their commitment to meet Indonesia’s needs while supporting the local economy. Undoubtedly, NETA Auto is strategizing for a long ride.

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