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Olly Day & Night: two lamps that want you good

Olly is a lamp that allows you to live better. The concept is simple, the Olly Day lamp replaces daylight and allows you to feel in good shape for the day. Olly Night helps you sleep better.

Olly Day: the wearable creation of light equal to the sun

This concept replaces sunlight, in particular, for people who do not have the possibility of obtaining a sufficient quantity for various reasons, such as, indoor life, and night work.

In addition, the winter season is also involved. The population is often more tired, depressed because of a lack of sun.

In this situation, the melatonin in our body is seen to increase. Our concentration decreases and our feeling of fatigue increases in turn. Taking energy drinks and coffee can add unnecessary strain on our body and cause long term damage.

Thus, after only 20 minutes of use, Olly allows you to feel a boost of energy, against 30 minutes for a coffee.

An energy boost in just 20 minutes

Olly Day increases focus and energy. The wavelength of sunlight produced by the lamp restricts melatonin and maintains the biorhythm of the human body.

Olly Night: the assurance of natural relaxation

Olly Night leads these users to natural relaxation. Notably, with its warm color temperature of 1800K and minimized melatonin suppression.

At the end of 30 minutes per night, it is possible to feel on our body the effect of “synchronization with its natural pattern of relaxation and sleep”. To do this, simply add it to our nighttime routine. Olly can be used during insomnia, in case of poor quality of sleep, while preparing for sleep, during a yoga session or during an evening meditation.


A promising concept

Olly features a compact and cute design that looks like a small coffee mug. In the therapeutic products category, its featherweight of 140 grams sets it apart from its competitors. This makes it easy to take it with you everywhere, during a yoga session in a sports club or even at work.

Olly lights up with a little downward tilt, which makes her more fun. The design of the lamp makes it possible to remove its cover (protects the Led), and becomes a magnetic foot, which allows the lamp to be oriented in any direction.

This product is all the more practical by the establishment of a possibility of use during its loading. The battery has a total capacity of 1000 mAh. Olly recharges completely in two hours via its USB-C port, and automatically turns off after 30 minutes of use (for Olly night).

This innovative concept uses the HCL LED invented in 2020 by Samsung. Indeed, Olly is the first consumer product in the world to use this new generation HCL LED.

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Price and availability

Regarding the price and its availability. Olly is currently only at the project stage with a crowdfunding on the kickstarter platform . The target was US $ 5,000, but reached over US $ 65,000. This means that the project appeals as much on the content, on the idea as on the potential. The introductory price is estimated at US $ 39 for Olly Day or Olly Night (+ USB C-type cable + Pouch). 78 US $ for Olly Double Pack including Olly Day & Night (+ 2 USB C-type cable + 2 Pouch).


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