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SOLUD – An easily breathable mask PU:REATH! Keep safe from COVID-19

SOLUD launches its easily breathable mask PU:REATH, filter replacement is possible according to the situation.
Countries around the world are fully focusing on discovering startups to create new industries that will lead future economic growth. Innovative ideas and new technologies in Industry 4.0 and biotechnology are born every day. With the development of information and communication, they are commercialized in markets all over the world the next day. 

SOLUD a new mask that relieve breathing discomfort

SOLUD, a companie fostered by Chungbuk CCEI, has developed a new type of mask that can relieve breathing discomfort. It is PU:REATH, with the circulator feature. 

제품사진 3 SOLUD - An easily breathable mask PU:REATH! Keep safe from COVID-19

On February 6, 2020, SOLUD won the grand prize at the International Invention Competition with its mask product and was recognized for its technology worldwide. Despite the increased demand for masks due to COVID-19, SOLUD did not show the grand prize-winning product to the public until further developing the product. That in order to optimize for breathing, with repeated tests for perfection and best stability. 

제품사진 2 SOLUD - An easily breathable mask PU:REATH! Keep safe from COVID-19

PU:REATH consists of an inner mask, an outer mask, and a triple filter. The inner mask is shaped similar to a small air respirator, ergonomically made so that can adhere well to the skin. Inside, there is a circulator that can adjust the amount of air inflow according to the respiration. And, the triple filter can be changed according to the usage to super safety, usual, and sporty. The user can replace the filter according to the needs.

PU:REATH, the circulation mask with a new concept was developed to improve the uncomfortable elements when wearing masks. Like fogging, suffocation, and difficulty in breathing so that even people with breathing problems can use it without problems. The circulation mask uses UV-blocking cool mesh fabric to improve breathing. Alleviate discomfort due to moisture and sweat, and problems of stuffiness, so it can be used cool even in summer.” 

PU:REATH masks will be available no only Korea, but soon to overseas markets such as the US and China as well. With this mask, we are excited to see what kind of changes it will bring to the market. 


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