Ordr Amplifies Security for a Hyper-Connected World

In a rapidly digitizing world, the security of connected devices is a mounting concern for countless organizations across various sectors. Meeting this challenge with zest and effectiveness is Ordr, a market leader specializing in connected device security. The company is registering a heightened industry demand for its platform, which provides essential security to a broad spectrum of traditional IT and IoT devices.

Ordr Tackling Growing Needs in Connected Device Security

At the heart of Ordr’s offerings is its AI-powered platform that arms organizations with a single source of truth for every connected device. Through this, the company is not only unveiling the complete attack surface, but also identifying vulnerabilities and anomalies. As Jim Hyman, CEO of Ordr, highlights, industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education and government are increasingly reliant on connected devices for their operations. Ordr is on a mission to provide these sectors with granular visibility, enabling teams to effectively mitigate risks through automated policies.

Milestones and Recognitions Enhance Ordr’s Market Position

Ordr’s innovative solutions and industry impact have not gone unnoticed. The company recently witnessed an impressive 249% enterprise ARR growth between 1H 2022 and 1H 2023. The accolades continue to pour in too, as Ordr was named a Leading Security Visionary by Enterprise Management Associates and appeared in the 2023 Startup 50 list. In recognition of its IoT security initiatives, it earned a spot on ChannelPro’s 2023 “Vendor on the Vanguard” list and CRN’s list of the “10 Coolest IoT Security Companies: The 2023 Internet Of Things 50”.

Strategic Partnerships Push Ordr’s Enterprise Growth

As part of its successful trajectory, Ordr has formed key partnerships that empower the company and its clientele. These collaborations include: GE HealthCare, which has resulted in enhanced self-management capabilities for customer’s critical patient care devices; Alchemy Technology Group with which Ordr is working to secure every asset in the network; and ServiceNow, which helps populate customers’ CMDBs with third-party data. These collaborations, along with recognition of CDW and World Wide Technology as its 2022 Partners of the Year, establish Ordr’s commitment to advancing its mission and serving the needs of its customers.

In conclusion, Ordr continues to leverage its expertise in connected device security to address the challenges of a rapidly digitizing economy. Through its cutting-edge platform, strategic partnerships, and consistent industry recognition, the company is affirming its position as a solution provider that organizations across sectors can rely on for their connected device security needs. Being a part of this challenging journey, Ordr remains focused on nurturing a secure and connected future for all.

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