Paint Formulation with Dow’s Digital Platform: DOW™ Paint Vision

Dow has launched a new digital paint formulation platform, DOWTM Paint Vision, designed to simplify the formulation process and accelerate innovation in the paints and coatings industry.

Streamlining Paint Formulation with Dow Paint Vision

The new digital platform streamlines the paint formulation process and makes it easy to create new solutions in minutes. Dow Paint Vision provides rapid access to the latest research, product samples, training resources, and much more. With a state-of-the-art Product Selector, customers can compare different ingredients and order a sample with just a few clicks. The Paint Quality Studio is an online library of self-paced training videos that enables new scientists to learn the science behind Dow’s products directly from experts.

How Dow Paint Vision Benefits the Coatings Industry

Dow Paint Vision is an immersive experience that guides users to succeed in formulating a holistic product for the architectural market, transferring performance through a guided formulation process. Dow scientists built and back the Paint Vision digital platform, which provides data-driven capabilities that merge decades of R&D expertise with thousands of data points collected from Dow labs and the latest trends in sustainability and end-user needs. Additionally, sustainable products make it easy for customers to create safe and long-lasting high-performance formulations while reducing environmental impact.

Enhancing Sustainability and Innovation through Dow Paint Vision

Dow’s new digital paint formulation platform enhances innovation in the coatings industry while advancing sustainability goals. Dave Speece, Commercial Director from Dow Coating Materials, Asia Pacific, says, “Better formulation starts with a passion for exploration…We are integrating new digital tools to build novel capabilities that will both push the boundaries of innovation and create long-term value for our customers and markets.” By providing a digital platform that saves research and training time, formulators can focus on innovation efforts that will push boundaries and create long-term value.

Paint Vision is an available digital service platform in Asia Pacific. It supports users at every step of the way and is built to support innovation and sustainability goals. According to Dow, Paint Vision provides data-driven innovation and saves time for formulators across Asia’s rapidly growing paint market. To learn more about Dow Paint Vision and how it’s accelerating the future of coating innovation, visit


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