Revolutionizing Trucking Safety: My20 LogiCam Aux Cameras

Innovative tech company Konexial has unveiled its latest product: the My20 LogiCam Aux cameras. Designed specifically for commercial trucks, these high-definition cameras provide fleet managers and drivers with a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings, giving them an extra layer of security on busy roads.

Game-Changing Safety Features for Commercial Trucking

The My20 LogiCam Aux cameras are mounted on the sides of commercial trucks and, when paired with the My20 LogiCam Ai dash camera, provide a range of advanced safety features. The cameras offer an extra set of eyes on the road, giving drivers unparalleled visibility and fleet managers peace of mind. With this level of security, companies can ensure the safety of their drivers, assets, and organization as a whole.

AI-Enabled Driver Coaching and Advanced Night Vision

When in use, the LogiCam Aux and Ai dash camera form a mesh network with a range of advanced features. The LogiCam Aux cameras are equipped with high-definition footage and facilitate real-time access over 5G or LTE network connections. Similarly, the Ai dash camera offers night vision and Ai-powered driver coaching, which can detect and correct unsafe driving behaviors.

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Security with LogiCam

By analyzing footage from the LogiCam system, fleet managers can identify areas where drivers may need additional training or support, allowing them to make informed decisions about route planning and other operational strategies. Video footage of events is recorded and stored within the Konexial admin dashboard for up to 4 months. It can be downloaded on demand and reviewed in the event of an accident or other incident. This additional layer of security offers fleet managers streamlined operations and enhanced security.

In conclusion, the My20 LogiCam Aux cameras and Ai dash camera are a game-changer for the commercial trucking and logistics industry. They provide drivers with an increased level of visibility and safety, while optimizing company operations, and improving overall security. With the ability to record and store video footage, this system offers peace of mind and accountability for fleet managers and drivers. For more information on the My20 LogiCam Aux cameras and Konexial’s transportation platform as a service model visit

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