Panasonic Transforms Efficiency in Mass Image Acquisition

If you are a mass imaging solutions seeker, get ready for Panasonic’s latest firmware update catering to volume photography. This revolutionary upgrade integrates smoothly with leading applications and photo labs to redefine efficiency and precision in large-scale image acquisition.

Revolutionizing Volume Photography with Panasonic

By aligning with volume photography applications like PhotoLynx and Flow; and top-tier photo labs such as H&H and ImageQuix, Panasonic aims to reduce organisational challenges for photographers. Each image captured will carry unique identifier numbers, ensuring an effortless process of categorizing and delivering pictures to clients. As stated by David Drum, VP Business Development, H&H Color Lab, Panasonic has grasped the critical needs of volume photographers – reliable and repeatable data capture.

Enhanced Reliability and Efficiency in Imagery

In partnership with Opticon, Panasonic’s firmware incorporates OPN-2006 Barcode and PX-20 QR/Barcode scanners, which enable the addition of student identification data into the image’s EXIF metadata. Notably, the barcode information is displayed on the camera’s LCD screen, allowing for quick verification. According to Tim McCain, President, ImageQuix, this advancement is a breakthrough in ensuring accuracy and preventing data loss during high-paced shooting sessions.

Futuristic Framing with Specialized Masks

In this firmware version, Panasonic innovatively introduces specialized masks for portrait, sports, and group photography. These masks guarantee uniformity in head size and positioning, reducing the need for extended post-processing and cropping. Corey E. Clark, Owner of E.D. Clark School Photography, believes this remarkable feature allows photographers to concentrate more on excellent posing and expressions, thus minimizing errors.

In conclusion, Panasonic’s latest firmware update for volume photography is transforming large-scale image capture, offering precise, reliable and quick solutions. This revolutionary update, an exclusive feature for LUMIX, will be accessible by Spring 2024. With technology this advanced, photographers can confidently navigate through high-volume shoots with ease.

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