Panasonic Unleashes Superior LUMIX GH7 for Stellar Content Creation

Panasonic unveils its latest innovation to the LUMIX G Series, the LUMIX GH7, in response to the growing demand for enhanced video quality in mirrorless cameras. The new high-performance camera boasts cutting-edge features, enhanced video quality, and reliable practicality.

Introducing Panasonic’s New Flagship: LUMIX GH7

The LUMIX GH7 emerges as the flagship model of the Micro Four Thirds mirrorless LUMIX G Series. It features a newly developed 25.2MP BSI CMOS sensor, offering a wide dynamic range and efficient workflow in professional environments. Notably, it’s equipped with Apple ProRes RAW internal recording, a first of its kind, simplifying sound recording levels during shooting.

Superior Features Elevate Video Content Creation

The LUMIX GH7 ensures enhanced video quality with internal recording of 5.7K 30p ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes RAW HQ. With the world’s first 32-bit float recording, users can bypass the hassle of adjusting audio levels during shooting. Additional features include proxy recording for workflow efficiency and native Camera to Cloud integration with Adobe’s This state-of-art technology ensures respect for all creatives, whatever their field of work.

LUMIX GH7: Reliability for Professional Production

The GH7 stands out as a reliable tool in the field of video production. Unlimited video recording is now practical due to efficient heat dispersion and the incorporation of a cooling fan. Withstanding harsh environments, it is also dust, splash, and low-temperature resistant. A convenient tilt-free angle monitor that does not interfere with HDMI or USB cables promises added benefits.

In summary, the LUMIX GH7 embodies Panasonic’s commitment to serve the creative community, particularly video production teams. Expected to roll out in July 2024, this flagship model promises high performance, forward-thinking video capabilities, and ultimate reliability, reinforcing Panasonic’s leading role in the market of mirrorless cameras.

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