Daegu’s Exciting Leap: Hosting Future Innovation Tech Expo FIX 2024

Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea is preparing to host The Future Innovation Tech Expo (FIX) 2024, a major platform showcasing a multitude of innovative technologies that promises to light up the future. This notable event is scheduled to take place from the 23rd to the 26th of October at Daegu EXCO, a foremost exhibition and convention centre.

FIX 2024 (Future Innovation Tech Expo) to Be Held at Daegu EXCO, from October 23 to 26: Showcasing Advanced New Industries Integrating Mobility, Robotics, and ICT

Fostering Innovation in Emerging New Industries

FIX 2024 brings together cutting-edge technology like Urban Air Mobility (UAM), AI, robotics, semiconductors, and future mobility, all under one roof. In our rapidly evolving world, the lines between industries are blurring, and new industries are emerging. This calls for an integrated business platform that syncs with global industry trends and innovative technologies.

Building on its experience of successfully hosting related exhibitions such as the Daegu International Future Auto & Mobility Expo (DIFA), Daegu aims to create a unified platform for groundbreaking industries. FIX 2024 will conform to this vision by merging separate expos like ‘ICT Convergence Expo Korea (ITCE)’ and ‘Daegu Robot Expo (ROBEX)’, into a single industry-defining event.

Immersive Sections at FIX 2024

The exposition is divided into four main sections: Mobility Hall, Robot Hall, ABB Hall, and Startup Hall. Each hall aims to showcase the latest advancements in its respective industry.

Mobility Hall, through DIFA, aims at the inaugural success of FIX 2024 by exhibiting the latest technologies across the mobility industry. The Robot Hall plans to exhibit evolving robotics and align with the ‘National Robot Test Field Project.’ The purpose of the ABB Hall is to exhibit Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that drives future industries. Startup Hall, a completely new addition to this year’s expo, is designed as a platform for sharing innovative technologies and discovering world-leading companies.

A Look Forward

FIX 2024 boasts a wide range of programs, from international conferences hosting global anchor company speakers to large-scale business programs including new technology presentations and export consultation settlements. Also on the schedule are innovative events such as the Innovation Awards and the Gaia-X (data industry) joint project result presentations.

FIX 2024 will cover a colossal area of approximately 30,000 square meters, featuring 450 companies and 2,000 booths. Daegu plans to synchronize the event with cultural facilities such as the Daegu Art Museum and Concert House to provide a diverse and immersive experience to visitors.

This October, eyes will be on Daegu as it takes a large step, hosting an event of this scale, further bolstering its agenda of becoming a pivotal city in the domain of new industries. Mayor Hong Joon-pyo encapsulated this ambition, saying they are “preparing FIX 2024 to become a global specialized exhibition comparable to the world’s top three IT exhibitions.”

Preparations are in full swing for this grand technologies’ platform! Stay updated by visiting the official website Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

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