PETLIBRO Unveils Game-Changing One RFID Pet Feeder

Leading smart pet supply brand, PETLIBRO, has stepped up its game in the pet tech world. Their latest product, the One RFID Pet Feeder, revolutionizes the feeding experience for multi-pet households. It addresses prevalent challenges like food theft, weight management, and individual dietary needs. Here are the exciting details about this game-changing device.

PETLIBRO Debuts Smart RFID Pet Feeder

The One RFID Pet Feeder is a breakthrough addition to PETLIBRO’s innovative product line. This state-of-the-art pet feeder comes equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It identifies a pet through an RFID tag on their collar and serves food accordingly. This tech-step ensures each pet in the house receives the right nutrition at the right time.

Innovative Features for Personalized Pet Feeding

One of the stand-out features of the One RFID Pet Feeder is its ability to monitor eating habits. Its lifetime log records the time and frequency of meals, offering full visibility of the food consumption. All this information is easily accessible on the dedicated PETLIBRO app, which can generate useful insights on a pet’s eating habits over time.

Enhancing Pet Safety and Convenient Meal Planning with PETLIBRO

The One RFID Pet Feeder offers up versatile scheduling and personalization options. Pet owners can schedule up to 10 meals per day and adjust the amount of food served each time. Moreover, it enhances pet safety features. Each dedicated collar tag has a QR code with the pet’s information and owner’s contact details. This will help lost pets reunite with their owners easier.

In conclusion, PETLIBRO’s One RFID Pet Feeder offers an innovative solution for households with multiple pets. It streamlines feeding schedules, improves pet safety, and allows pet owners to better monitor their pets’ dietary habits. Priced at $149.99, this ground-breaking accessory is set to simplify lives for pets and their owners.

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