Pimax Unleashes Breakthrough Wireless VR at CES 2024

In a cohesive amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and virtual reality (VR), Pimax unveils its revolutionary 60G AirLink wireless module and the ultra-high-definition Crystal VR headset. These breakthroughs were showcased at CES 2024, spurring industry advancements and making Pimax an undoubted trendsetter.

Unveiling Pimax’s 60G AirLink and Crystal VR Headset

Connecting the 60G AirLink wireless module with the current flagship product, the Pimax Crystal, birthed the world’s first VR headset with wireless connectivity. Leveraging the powerful 60G millimeter-wave technology, the 60G AirLink achieves high-speed data transmission, optimal for video streaming and captivating VR environments. This blend of modern tech and immersive VR creates a seamless, untethered experience for users.

Exploring the Future of VR with Pimax’s 12K-EVTθ Prototype

The CES 2024 event was more than just a presentation for Pimax. It showcased their 12K-EVTθ (Engineering Verification Test Zero) prototype, a leap into the envisaged future of VR. Its unmatched resolution, expansive field of view, and an innovative optical system set new industry standards, hinting at the potent potential of VR.

Pimax’s Attraction at CES 2024: Crystal VR Headset and Demos

Visitors at booth #15454, Pimax’s arena, engaged in hands-on testing of the Crystal VR headset in various interactive settings. Examples included flight simulation rigs, racing gears, and VR motion capture gloves. These demonstrations highlighted the Crystal’s inside-out tracking, eye-tracking, and the star 60G AirLink wireless module, impressing users with its high resolution and unsurpassed visual clarity.

Pimax’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of VR was vividly showcased at CES 2024. The world witnessed the birth of advanced, seamless, wireless connectivity via the 60G AirLink and the Crystal VR headset. Additionally, the demonstration of the ambitious 12K-EVTθ prototype provided a tantalizing glimpse into the future of VR. Pimax continues to redefine industry standards, propelling VR technology into an unprecedented era of improvements.

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