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POPCOZ releases Masclip that protects the inside of the mask

POPCOZ, the daily product manufacturing company, launched Masclip that protects the inside of the mask, and is applying for a patent.

POPCOZ Masclip

Masclip is a mask strap with clips. The strap can be freely adjusted using the aperture, so both children and adults can use it. It comes in various colors, so the consumers can choose the colors according their tastes, coordinating it as a fashion accessory.

A word from POPCOZ CEO

This year, we succeeded in funding 3517% of our goal through Wadiz. Recently, inquiries for bulk purchases from public institutions, schools, and companies are also on the rise. It was released as a one-time item, but the consumer response was so good that we will continue to update the design until COVID pandemic dies down. We plan to expand the global distribution network in the future by promoting Masclip as the Korean brand that participates actively in K-Quarantine.

Kim Seong-min, CEO of POPCOZ
POPCOZ Masclip

POPCOZ Masclip can be purchased at various shopping malls such as Naver Smart Store, Coupang, and GMarket. The company is planning to start distribution in full force through Nara Market, Venture Nara and School Market this month.


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