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Promoting Korean Companies to the World, 19th MIK 2020 on Dec 8th

AVING NEWS, our partner from long time is holding the 19thMIK 2020 this Tuesday. A global event that has to be online this year. MIK is a global market advance platform promoting the excellence of made-in Korean companies in the global market. At 4:00 PM on the 8th as an online event on ZOOM. The event will carry out the presentation of major sessions and global media awards ceremonies.

MIK 1 Promoting Korean Companies to the World, 19th MIK 2020 on Dec 8th

19th MIK by AVING NEWS is Online in 2020

AVING NEWS which is active media partner (MWC, IFA) for more than 100 trade fairs per year and has established global news networks with major media companies in 54 countries. It aims to promote participating Korean firms throughout the world with 7 media companies in the event as global media partners from Vietnam (Vietnamplus), Singapore (Myfatpocket), the United States (Geekazine), China (SINA), France (LeCafedegeek), South Korea (IT DONGA), Russia (SVPRESSA.RU), and France (STARTUPWORLD.TECH). Stepintocity and Nanum Angels will participate as formal investment and conference partners. △US: Junhwan Paul Kang, CEO of;△Vietnam: Hyeon-kyu Lee, Director of Nanum Angels

MIK 2 Promoting Korean Companies to the World, 19th MIK 2020 on Dec 8th

The main organizers are Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Daejeon Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency, Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu, and Two Sun Campus. Also, a total of 24 leading companies in IT, bio, health, and contents will participate in this event from South Korea as follows. 

  • IBST Co., Ltd.
  • Awesomepia Co., Ltd.
  • BA Energy Co., Ltd.
  • CiSTEM Co., Ltd.
  • Fisheries Biootrus Co., Ltd. 
  • Wellmarker Bio Co., Ltd.
  • CM Lab Co., Ltd.
  • Cell2in Co., Ltd. 
  • Skims Bio 
  • CareDoc Co., Ltd. 
  • Rebest
  • The WaveTalk
  • DoTrade
  • Link Optics 
  • GenieSoft
  • GhostPass
  • Safetech Research Co., Ltd. 
  • Myungkwang Co., Ltd.
  • Multix Co., Ltd.
  • Batoners Co., Ltd.
  • TheSCo., Ltd.
  • J2 
  • Myeongseong Corporation
  • Baice


Domestic and global fairs !

Meanwhile, MIK Project is a global event that promotes Korean companies to the world by inviting media and YouTubers from around the world. It has been held 18 times so far, with participation by 1,000 companies. MIK INNOVATION HOT SPOT was alsoorganized in domestic and overseas trade fairs including the Consumer Electronic Show, by creating a zone in a differentiated format for global trade fair and convention events.

(2016 Made In Korea Conference & Networking Party)

It will provide a new opportunity to promote throughout the world the companies that are struggling to enter the global market in the post-COVID. 
-> MIK 2020 Season Off Online Special Page

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