Qualys Boosts Federal Security with Enhanced TruRisk Platform

In a strategic move to up the ante in federal cybersecurity, Qualys, Inc. has announced new enhancements to its enterprise TruRisk platform. The aim is to fast-track the implementation of zero-trust strategies, further strengthening the security compliance within federal agencies.

Qualys Enhances Federal Zero-Trust Strategies

The Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform now extends its support to automated asset visibility and attack surface risk management, in line with defined regulations such as OMB M-24-04, CISA BOD 23-01, and FISMA guidelines. The goal goes beyond mere compliance as it stresses the importance of understanding attack surfaces, prioritizing vulnerabilities for effective risk assessments, and important remediation efforts.

Key Features of the Enterprise TruRisk Platform

The platform offers integrated solutions in the form of CyberSecurity Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (VMDR), and Patch Management. The key objective is to offer continuous compliance along with posture visibility into M24-04 and FISMA’s broader risk assessment and remediation requirements. Here are some of the key capabilities of the platform:

  • Asset and attack surface comprehension compliant with OMB M-24-04
  • Addressing FISMA patching as per CISA BOD 23-01 requirements
  • Fast tracking progress towards zero-trust implementation and FISMA compliance

Public Sector Adoption and Qualys’ Commitment

Furthering its commitment to boost public sector cybersecurity, Qualys is hosting its first Public Sector Cyber Risk Conference. The focus is on promoting a comprehensive security approach across all federal agencies. The conference features a panel of luminaries from the public sector, focusing on the essentials of internet connected assets.

In conclusion, with these enhancements, Qualys has streamlined its cybersecurity and compliance solutions into a unified platform. Through this, it continues to offer invaluable service to federal agencies, accelerating their journey towards zero-trust implementation and secure risk management. The Qualys Enterprise TruRisk platform offers a unified view and allows agencies to make significant progress in implementing effective security strategies.

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