PlanetHoster Unleashes Game-Changing HybridCloud N0C

PlanetHoster, a data and application hosting leader, has announced the release of their ground-breaking product, HybridCloud N0C. This avant-garde offering provides a seamless fusion of the power of bare metal servers with the flexibility of cloud solutions. Let’s dive into the exciting details of this next-gen dedicated server offering.

Introducing PlanetHoster’s HybridCloud N0C

The newly unveiled HybridCloud N0C, available in Canada, France, and Switzerland, empowers businesses with high-performance, managed solutions. Redefining facilities management, this solution’s turnkey design makes it a major milestone in PlanetHoster’s product lineup. Combining the latest innovations in centralized management, it offers an impeccable balance of power and adaptability while adhering to top-tier security standards.

Special Features of HybridCloud N0C

HybridCloud N0C introduces several notable features that set it apart in the market. It offers cutting-edge WAF protection, a minimized energy footprint, and a state-of-the-art system architecture. Acting as an advanced PaaS and IaaS solution, N0C enables quick deployment of instances globally and delivers superior performance. Moreover, it meets the stringent security and regulatory requirements of the current market standards.

About PlanetHoster and its New Venture

PlanetHoster is known for its specialization in high-performance hosting solutions for web, data, and applications. Currently, it serves a broad client base of over 60,000 customers via a private cloud infrastructure across Canada, France, and Switzerland. The launch of HybridCloud N0C amplifies their commitment to delivering a top-notch customer experience, optimal performance on robust infrastructures, and unmatched data confidentiality.

In conclusion, PlanetHoster’s HybridCloud N0C embodies the future of dedicated server offerings, combining power, flexibility, and security. Companies seeking high-performance, managed solutions can look forward to embracing this evolution in facilities management.

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