Refinder AI: Transforming Corporate Data Access

In an era where enterprises are drowning in data, THINKFREE announces the beta launch of Refinder AI, an innovative AI search and Q&A service designed for the global corporate market. This service promises to revolutionize how businesses access and utilize their scattered information, bringing efficiency and intelligence right to their fingertips.

Introducing Refinder AI: A Global Game-Changer

Refinder AI emerges as a cloud-based, SaaS solution, empowering enterprises to conduct integrated searches across a multitude of data scattered across various business platforms. From emails in Gmail to documents in Google Drive and messages in Slack, Refinder AI consolidates these disparate pieces of information, providing quick and accurate search results. This seamless integration sets the stage for enterprises worldwide to leap towards unprecedented productivity.

Beyond Simple Search: Enhanced AI Capabilities

The unique selling point of Refinder AI lies not just in its ability to search but also in its role as an intelligent assistant. By understanding the user’s query and intentions, Refinder AI crafts responses in natural language, combining data with utmost accuracy and relevance. This capability ensures that users don’t need to navigate through every platform or remember where information is stored, marking a significant leap in the efficiency of corporate data use.

Ensuring Security in Corporate Data Handling

Security remains a top priority for Refinder AI, acknowledging the sensitive nature of corporate data. The service is designed to restrict access to critical data for unauthorized users, ensuring that the AI considers only the information authorized by the company. This robust security measure, coupled with the convenience of adding various applications without a separate development process, positions Refinder AI as a safe and versatile choice for enterprises looking to manage their data securely and efficiently.

In conclusion, Refinder AI stands out as a transformative solution for global enterprises, addressing the critical need for efficient and secure data management. THINKFREE’s pioneering AI service, powered by HANCOM’s advanced technologies, not only promises to enhance productivity but also sets a new standard for corporate data use. As businesses continue to generate data at an exponential rate, Refinder AI offers a beacon of hope for turning this data into actionable intelligence.

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