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As technology advances, real estate professionals continue to find innovative solutions in their industry., the leader in AI and computer vision for real estate, has developed winning technology called Property Descriptions which relies on the power of artificial intelligence.

Accurate Listings in Seconds with’s Property Descriptions utilize AI-powered computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLM) to generate unique, captivating, and human-like property descriptions from photos and data provided by real estate agents when listing properties for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The technology can detect over 300 property features and integrates with numerous third-party APIs to enhance and localize listings, providing valuable visual insights that go beyond the details available within typical listings in the MLS. These insights are crucial in generating descriptions that highlight the property’s best features while remaining FHA-compliant and error-free. claims that its Property Descriptions solution can generate complex and creative descriptions in mere seconds.

Benefits of AI-Powered Property Descriptions’s AI-powered Property Descriptions solution offers a selection of different tones and styles that allow agents to create listing remarks to match their personal brand. Furthermore, once a response is generated, agents can add their final touches before publishing or quickly regenerate another AI-produced alternative. The reduced direct and opportunity costs by 90% and the 5x acceleration of time to market make Property Descriptions particularly advantageous for agents and brokers who generate over 80% of all North America property listings.

Research shows that these auto-generated descriptions frequently outperform those created by agents. Although agents can still choose to publish generated descriptions as-is, they can use them as a starting point for their own text.

The Bottom Line

With over half a decade in the industry, continues to deliver the most reliable, accurate, and error-free listing description solutions for real estate. Its technology not only saves real estate professionals valuable time and effort but also provides valuable visual insights that enhance the property listing. Utilizing AI-powered Property Descriptions will undoubtedly be a clever move for an innovative real estate agent or broker ready to embrace the future of the industry.

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