Revolutionary AI Microlearning Platform for Employee Training

CENTRICAL, the performance experience platform for frontline employees, has announced the launch of AI Microlearning, integrating OpenAI’s generative AI, ChatGPT, into their platform. AI Microlearning creates high impact learning content, summaries and quizzes at a rapid speed, making it easier and faster to create and scale content for the continuous improvement of contact centers, BPOs, and CX organisations. The new feature aims to retain employees, accelerate learning and significantly reduce effort and resources.

Centrical Launches AI Microlearning for Contact Centers

Previously, microlearning content and quizzes were created manually, but with AI Microlearning, anyone within an organisation can efficiently create learning content using Centrical’s new capabilities. Traditional content creators can produce content more efficiently and consistently, while the rest of the organisation can easily create learning content. Content creators can simply paste or link any learning content into Centrical, and the platform instantly summarises it and generates related quiz questions in real-time.

The Benefits of AI Microlearning for Employee Training

AI Microlearning accelerates the time to value, allowing contact centers, BPOs and other CX organizations to scale learning content creation and keep it fresh with significantly less effort and resources. With AI Microlearning, organisations can instantly generate content to drive organisational agility, keeping frontline employees informed on new products, offers, processes and compliance regulations.

By launching AI Microlearning, Centrical has empowered traditional content creators to create high-impact microlearning content which improves the knowledge, engagement and performance of frontline employees and supervisors. Centrical’s MegAI functions as a digital coach that creates personalized and guided experiences for frontline employees, leading to better customer experiences.

MegAI: The Personalized Digital Coach for Frontline Employees

Centrical’s MegAI enables continuous improvement for contact centers, BPOs, and CX organizations through next best action, targeted microlearning activities, real-time performance coaching, and recognition insights. MegAI delivers personalized tips and best practices from colleagues based on employee preferences to improve employee engagement and performance.

Conclusion: Centrical has launched AI Microlearning, which enables employees to create high impact microlearning content and reduce the effort and resources required for traditional content creation. MegAI is the newest function that creates personalized and guided experiences for frontline employees and supervisors, improving knowledge, engagement, and performance to ensure better customer experience.


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