Stop Cybercrime with BreachLock’s AI-powered API Pentesting

Breachlock has officially announced the launch of its API Penetration Testing Service, which aims to offer businesses more affordable and scalable API security testing services. The platform is designed to be faster compared to other penetration testing providers and helps companies prevent cybercriminals from exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities in their APIs.

Breachlock Launches Affordable API Penetration Testing

The AI-enabled Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) solution via Breachlock’s client portal has gained a reputation as an innovative approach to the emerging PTaaS market. With this latest API security testing offering, the company is expanding its services and offering faster, scalable, and cost-effective API security testing solutions.

Unlike alternative pentesting options that can be too costly and slow for clients, the BreachLock solution offers integrated remediation that can help companies address vulnerabilities quickly, reducing their window of exposure to cyber threats. Clients benefit from access to 12 months of retesting, report generation, and scanning through the BreachLock portal, accompanied by evidence-backed pentest reports and guided remediation on critical vulnerabilities.

Human Experts and AI Automation for Accurate API Pentesting

The API penetration testing service is conducted by in-house certified experts and AI-automation to deliver accurate test results that are consistent with OWASP best practices. BreachLock’s security experts apply maximum business logic to every API pentest during a manual deep dive and ensure zero false positives by validating automated findings.

Founder and CEO of BreachLock, Seemant Sehgal comments, “With the rise in security breaches involving insecure APIs, it’s our responsibility to enable clients to prevent similar incidents.” With cyber threats evolving rapidly, there’s a need for agile pentesting that can combat security breaches when done regularly.

Breachlock’s API Pen Testing Services to Combat Cybercrime

BreachLock’s innovative approach to cybersecurity and penetration testing services combines the power of human hackers, artificial intelligence, and automation. Developers create their cloud-native platform for agility and scalability with the ability to provide full-stack, AI-enabled, and Human-led PTaaS services. The API penetration test service aims to accelerate pentesting by 50% and reduce TCO by 50% compared to alternative penetration testing companies, helping clients speed up their security maturity and meet compliance requirements.

Organizations can rely on BreachLock for conducting third-party security vendor assessments and comply with industry standards, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2.

Sehgal believes that the rise of security breaches involving insecure APIs demands a proactive approach to security testing. By enabling businesses to test their APIs for vulnerabilities and protect against cyber threats, BreachLock is committed to making the digital world a safer place for businesses and individuals alike.

For more information on BreachLock and its innovative API Penetration Testing Services, please visit their website at

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