Revolutionary ET25 Lidar: Thinnest & High Performing Automotive Sensor

In the race for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), lidar technology is becoming increasingly important. Lidar provides automotive manufacturers with precise 3D perception, effectively complementing cameras, and providing redundancy for greater safety. Hesai Technology, the global leader in 3D light detection and ranging (lidar) solutions, has recently released its newest product, the in-cabin lidar ET25. With its unique design and state-of-the-art features, the ET25 offers automakers more possibilities for automotive applications. Below, we will explore this innovative product’s features and what sets it apart from other automotive lidars on the market.

ET25: The Thinnest Lidar for Safer and Sleeker Automotive Designs

The ET25 is a lidar sensor that is specifically designed to be placed behind a vehicle’s windshield. Its ultra-thin form factor is only 25mm in thickness, making it much thinner than other similar long-range lidars that are available. Because it does not take up much space, the ET25 lidar leaves more space in the vehicle’s cabin and reduces the impact on the driver’s vision.

Its unique design sets it apart from other lidar sensors, enabling a sleeker design without affecting aerodynamics or acceleration performance. In addition, it has a 120° (H) x 25° (V) field of view, which ensures that detection range can reach 225 meters behind the windshield, higher than some other long-range lidars.

ET25’s Unique Design and Features: Enhancing In-Cabin Lidar Performance

The ET25’s unique in-cabin design allows for easy cleaning via windshield wipers in scenarios where dust and rain would block the lidar’s field of view. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features that provide a sleek design and unparalleled performance. ET25’s only 12 W of power consumption ensures that even in hot temperatures, it can work continuously without overheating. Also, the ET25 sensor’s near-silent operation level (below 25 dB) beats the noise level of luxury brand passenger electric vehicles.

The lidar placement in-cabin must consider both function and aesthetics. This lidar’s thin design, along with its long-range 3D perception performance and high point frequency, makes it an ideal solution for advanced autonomous level 2+ and 3 ADAS applications. Moreover, its upgraded laser receiver technology increases sensitivity by several folds, which makes the lidar capable of analyzing risks promptly.

Hesai and Fuyao Joint Forces To Promote In-Cabin Lidar Mass Production

One of the problems with traditional car glass is that it attenuates the lidar signal, causing signal problems that can lower the maximum range and resolution. In a joint strategic cooperation between Hesai and Fuyao Group, the leading automotive glass supplier, this issue is now resolved. Hesai’s customized product integrates its in-cabin lidar with Fuyao’s infrared light transmittance windshield, which improves the performance of lidar behind the windshield. Moreover, Fuyao’s windshield has an excellent NVH rating performance that provides an immersive driving experience.

With this partnership, the two companies aim to promote the mass production of in-cabin lidar and deliver innovative smart car solutions to the global market. Over the years, Hesai has acquired superior research and development capabilities, including optics, mechanics, electronics, and software, making it even more competitive. Besides, the company’s annual delivery volume and revenue point to its continued performance and leadership in the global lidar market.

Conclusion: The new ET25 from Hesai ushers in a new era of automotive lidar technology. With its ultra-thin design, unique features, and state-of-the-art performance, it is an ideal solution for advanced ADAS systems, including autonomous level 2+ and 3 applications. The partnership with Fuyao Group guarantees a customized anti-reflection windshield, which ensures the quality and performance of the lidar was uncompromised. These innovations demonstrate Hesai’s continued commitment to empowering smart cars with high-performance and reliable lidar products, bringing a safer and more intelligent driving experience.

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