PointsKash new Convenience Retail with Universal Coupons

PointsKash, a rewards and loyalty program provider, has introduced a new offering that will bring consumers and manufacturers closer together. The frictionless environment for digital coupons in C-stores is expected to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as enhance the value C-stores bring to a community.

Introducing Frictionless Digital Coupons in C-stores: PointsKash’s Innovative Offer

PointsKash is changing the traditional loyalty and rewards programs in C-stores by introducing universal loyalty and rewards augmented by hyper-targeted high utility digital coupons and incentives. This innovation aims to highlight the value of C-stores to a community by providing consumers with the opportunity to redeem their CPG offers at any PointsKash retailers or directly via the PointsKash proprietary mobile app by opting into coupons and incentive offers.

AI (8112) coupons are introduced as a game-changing feature, enabling universal, single-use coupons validated in real-time through The Coupon Bureau’s Universal Positive Offer file. This industry solution is delivered via mobile but can be implemented in any medium, including paper, as successfully demonstrated in many campaigns executed to date.

Revolutionizing Loyalty and Rewards in Convenience Retail Share: PointsKash’s Universal Coupons

PointsKash’s new innovation, universal coupons, seeks to revolutionize the loyalty and rewards space in convenience retail. Historically, the C-store space has been underserved by rewards and loyalty programs, but PointsKash is changing all that. By partnering with The Coupon Bureau, PointsKash allows manufacturers and retailers to distribute 100 percent manufacturer-funded coupons to their merchants and shoppers.

The introduction of universal coupons is a win-win for both merchants and manufacturers alike, with CPG constituents already distributing their offers beginning in 2023, according to Jeff Hudson, the Chief Information Officer of The Coupon Bureau.

Empowering the Coupon Industry: The Coupon Bureau’s Role in PointsKash’s Digital Coupon Standard

The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit industry-managed centralized data exchange that connects all stakeholders to the new Universal Digital Coupon positive offer file. The Coupon Bureau’s mission is to collaborate with industry partners and accelerators to connect manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with new and improved coupon offerings that are accurate, secure, and delight consumers.

The partnership between PointsKash and The Coupon Bureau has propelled the coupon industry forward by jointly introducing the AI (8112) coupons. As a non-profit organization, The Coupon Bureau aims to develop new technologies and partner with third-party technology companies, educate and inform manufacturers and retailers, and communicate clearly to consumers.


The introduction of universal coupons by PointsKash and The Coupon Bureau offers a significant transformation of the loyalty and rewards space in the convenience retail sector, with greater value for merchants and manufacturers alike. As the retail environment changes, consumers’ needs shift, and loyalty and rewards programs need to accommodate them. With universal coupons and frictionless digital offers, PointsKash is at the forefront of innovation, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty while enhancing the value of C-stores to a community.


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