Revolutionize Blockchain with Luniverse NOVA: Lambda256 Launches Advanced Platform

Lambda256 has launched Luniverse NOVA, a new blockchain infrastructure service platform that aims to allow developers to create decentralized applications without the hassle of complex node settings and management.

Luniverse Launches New Blockchain Platform NOVA

Luniverse NOVA is equipped with advanced features that aim to enhance the efficiency and security of blockchain development and operation. These features include real-time blockchain node services, multichain API, statistics API, webhook API, and Stream API that support different kinds of nodes, including Ethereum and Polygon. The platform also provides automatic load balancing to ensure that nodes remain online and functional during sudden spikes in traffic.

Features and Benefits of Luniverse NOVA

Luniverse NOVA offers competitive pricing options based on various factors like the number of nodes and the amount of data request calls, allowing everyone to avail blockchain technology services for their businesses. Additionally, Luniverse NOVA’s user-friendly interface, advanced features, and competitive pricing make it a popular choice for developers looking to take advantage of the Polygon ecosystem.

Special Promotion and Participation in Hackathon

To celebrate the launch of Luniverse NOVA, Lambda256 is offering special promo discounts on subscription fees, a limited USDC prize, and membership NFT for early bird users of the platform. Furthermore, Luniverse is participating as the only Korean partner in the Polygon DevX APAC Roadshow, and the upcoming Polygon Global Hackathon in a bid to strengthen its position as a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions.

Luniverse has been actively working on developing new products and services to help drive the adoption of blockchain technology across various industries. The new version of Luniverse, Luniverse NOVA, is set to release in 2023 and will include all services required for building Web3, NFT, and other blockchain services. This platform will introduce blockchain node services, Multichain API for Ethereum and Polygon blockchain development, as well as a dashboard and data indexing features for easy blockchain service operation.


Luniverse NOVA is revolutionizing the way developers create and operate decentralized applications, offering innovative technology and competitive pricing options. With its highly efficient blockchain services, developers and companies can easily apply blockchain technology to businesses and enter the Web3 space without difficulty.

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