Revolutionize Your Remote Work with NexGen Virtual Webex

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Webex and NexGen Virtual partnership powers hybrid work experience

Webex users can now experience the benefits of a virtual office environment thanks to a new partnership between Webex and NexGen Virtual. Through NexGen Virtual Webex, users can leverage the platform’s management tools to collaborate with colleagues, manage global teams and create a Productive Workplace Culture.

Seamlessly collaborate and manage teams through single sign-on

One of the standout features of NexGen Virtual Webex is its single sign-on functionality which allows users to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues without the need for extra authentication. The platform’s custom 3D office floor plans make it easy for employees and management to see who is available, allowing for impromptu meetings in real-time with colleagues. The platform’s live chat and screensharing features, as well as its built-in recording feature, ensure employees never miss a meeting.

Transform your remote work environment with NexGen Virtual tools

A key benefit of NexGen Virtual Webex is its ability to transform remote work environments. NexGen Virtual’s management tools give users the feel of being physically in the office without overhead costs and commute times. Customizable 3D office designs and virtual whiteboards make it easy for employees and management to collaborate in a virtual workspace all while remaining productive, engaged and motivated.

In summary, the NexGen Virtual Webex partnership presents an opportunity for businesses to transform their workforce into a hybrid work culture. With seamlessly integrated management tools, powerful virtual office design functionality, and secure data sharing capabilities, NexGen Virtual provides Webex users with the flexibility they need to work while on the go.

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