Roborock Dominates Global Market, Unveils Exciting New Products

Roborock, a global leader in smart home robotics, recently secured its position as the number one player in robotic vacuum sales worldwide. In celebration of its 10-year anniversary and stellar market performance, Roborock revealed new product lines and shared its vision for the future.

Roborock Claims Top Spot in Global Robot Vacuum Sales

Roborock’s success largely stems from its commitment to customer-focused innovation. This dedication has yielded practical solutions that improve daily life, garnering a truly global fanbase. Euromonitor data has confirmed that Roborock holds the number one sales position worldwide for robotic vacuum cleaners, serving over 15 million homes in more than 170 countries. President Mr. Quan attributes this achievement to the brand’s unwavering commitment to providing true value to customers, which has led to impressive market results and strong brand affinity.

Driving Innovation: Roborock’s Approach to Technology and Product Development

Roborock’s principle to create value for its customers is at the heart of its R&D efforts. Between 2019 and 2023, Roborock invested 1.9 billion Yuan in R&D to focus on innovation addressing real consumer needs. The latest range of Roborock products brings enhanced cleaning capabilities and convenience. FlexiArm Design™ Side Brush, 100% corner cleaning coverage, and an auto water refill and drainage system represent tangible results of this innovative journey. The brand also heavily invests in emerging technologies like Roborock’s Reactive AI 2.0 Obstacle Recognition technology and SmartPlanTM function, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of its devices.

Roborock Unveils Exciting New Robotic Vacuum Products

The recent global launch concluded with the unveiling of three new product lines. They include the technologically advanced G20S (S8 MaxV Ultra), that features a unique robotic arm for complete corner cleaning, and the ultra-thin V20, equipped with solid-state LiDAR navigation and obstacle avoidance systems. Additionally, P10S Pro was introduced as the perfect device for hard-to-reach spots. The addition of these products to Roborock’s portfolio signifies the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation targeting customer needs.

In conclusion, Roborock’s recognition as a global market leader in robotic vacuum sales echoes the brand’s commitment to customer-centric innovation. Its continuous R&D investments, relentless product development efforts, and unwavering commitment to delivering value to its customers have put the company in a prime position in the smart home market. With ambitious plans and innovative products in the pipeline, Roborock stands ready to continue its global expansion and enhance the daily lives of millions around the world.

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