Scenera’s Bold Acquisition Set to Transform AIoT Landscape

In a bold move to consolidate their resources and accelerate AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solutions, the American data management company Scenera has acquired Seoul-based company TnM AI Co. Ltd.

Scenera’s Strategic Acquisition of TnM AI

The undisclosed deal was announced following a successful long-term collaboration between Scenera and TnM. The acquisition is set to deepen their partnership, expand their global reach, and bridge their technological capabilities to better manage AI analytics through edge-to-cloud computing. This dynamic merger marks a significant milestone in their mutual commitment to deliver unparalleled value and enhanced real-world solutions for their customers and partners.

Advancing AIoT Technology: The Collaborative Promise

Both Scenera and TnM AI have a strong track record in providing unique AIoT based solutions. TnM AI is renowned for its AIoT-based energy management software, well established in the retail sector as a service (SaaS). This software will be integrated into Scenera’s MAIstro AI Topology Manager. The unique collaborative environment between the two companies has created a standard data processing platform for existing AIoT devices and IP cameras. They aim to centralize data management and analysis, providing several use cases that generate value for building owners, managers, and occupants.

Impact on Retail and Smart Building Industries

The deal is poised to have a significant influence on the retail industry and smart building sectors. The integrated solutions developed by the collaboration of the two companies have the potential to transform how the retail and smart building industries operate. By offering an extensible, camera-based AI system that analyses real-time streaming video, the integrated solutions are set to deliver substantial strategic value.

In summary, the acquisition of TnM AI by Scenera is a strategic consolidation that will expand service offerings, optimize solutions, and bring the power of AIoT to more industries. With a focus on retail and smart building sectors, both companies are eager to deliver innovative solutions, marking a progressive step forward in AIoT technology advancements.

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