Seamless Shopping Experience: Reem Mall partners with Pointr’s Indoor Navigation

Reem Mall, the newest retail destination on Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, has partnered with indoor location company, Pointr, to offer guests a seamless shopping experience. Through innovative digital solutions, Pointr’s Deep Location® technology provides indoor mapping and navigation services to help guests find stores and parking easily.

Reem Mall hosts world’s largest indoor snow park

Reem Mall is a hub for leading retailers, restaurants, and entertainment, with one of the world’s largest indoor snow parks. The mall features an indoor positioning system that allows app users to browse interactive maps, find the quickest way to any store, restaurant or entertainment, and locate every single store within the mall. The system will eventually cover around 400 points of interests.

Pointr’s Deep Location® tech enables seamless guest experience

To provide an optimum guest experience, Reem Mall partnered with Pointr to orchestrate visitors’ entire journey within the mall. Each of the mall’s 6,000 parking spots was individually mapped, and the app directs visitors to free spots upon arrival. Pointr’s technology enables seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments, precisely directing guests to their destinations within the ten-floor property. The app can readily direct guests back to their vehicles via the most convenient exit once they are done with their trip.

Reem Mall’s partnership with Pointr sets the standard for retail environments

Reem Mall’s Digital Innovation Director, Sayra Berirmen, stated that the flexibility and scalability of Pointr’s solution made it a perfect fit for Reem Mall. Our unique business model establishes a technology-enabled life center, and Deep Location® capabilities were paramount for us. Moreover, the streamlined process and scalability of Pointr’s technology built a strong foundation for our partnership,” explained Berirmen.

We’re proud to have provided our technology to such an innovative and ambitious shopping center. Reem Mall will undoubtedly set a new standard for retail environments worldwide,” said Ege Akpinar, Pointr CEO and founder.

Reem Mall is a prestigious addition to Pointr’s list of retail clients, which already includes Harrods and two of the United States’ largest retail chains.

In conclusion, Pointr’s Deep Location® technology makes indoor navigation easy and provides guests with a smooth shopping experience at Reem Mall. Its unique business environment made Reem Mall choose the technology as it establishes a technology-enabled life center. The partnership will continue to grow as the shopping center expands, aiming to become a benchmark for future retail environments worldwide.


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