Contentful Empowers Teams with New Features

Contentful has launched new features, capabilities and integrations aimed at empowering teams to build digital experiences at scale. The composable content platform is used by nearly 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of companies around the world to create and reuse building blocks of content for any digital experience.

Composable Content Platform Launches New Features

Contentful has announced the launch of new product features and integrations designed to enable teams to build digital experiences at scale. This mission-critical challenge often requires expertise and alignment from multiple teams including marketers, developers, content creators, editors, designers, and others. In an era where content is the customer experience, finding the right composable content solution is essential. The platform enables organizations to work independently but in coordination, breaking down silos, eliminating repetitive work and dependencies, and delivering timely, relevant, consistent content across channels.

Empowering Teams to Build Digital Experiences at Scale

The new capabilities include powerful orchestration of content and tools across brands and teams, as well as commerce and marketing channels. New pre-built integrations, such as the Shopify Connector, the Contentful SAP Commerce Cloud Connector, and the Google Analytics 4 app enable users to enhance their systems. Users can orchestrate workflows across their entire content graph with internal and 3rd party systems and data to launch new digital experiences faster, with greater consistency and flexibility.

Enhancing Collaboration and Scaling with AI Tools

In addition to enabling teams to work together to connect, create, and extend content more efficiently, the new features enable content creators to easily extend their workflow in Contentful’s Live Preview feature by testing and personalizing content, optimizing it for their audience, and delivering outstanding experiences that truly engage. The Contentful AI Content Generator allows users to quickly and easily generate on-brand content and translate into a wide range of languages. Users can take advantage of the Contentful AI Content Model Generator to improve speed and agility. The platform supports 70 billion API calls per month, with thousands of off-the-shelf and custom apps and integrations, allowing users to accelerate time-to-market.

The Contentful Composable Content Platform helps companies build faster and deliver at scale, making their content a strategic business asset.

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