Securden Leapfrogs in Cybersecurity with a Unique PAM MSP Solution

Securden, a prominent provider of privileged access and identity security solutions, has released a unique and comprehensive offering for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) – the Unified PAM MSP. This groundbreaking service caters to the specific access security requirements of MSPs, filling a crucial gap in the market.

Securden’s New Solution: Unified PAM MSP

The Unified PAM MSP is built on a scalable, multi-tenant architecture capable of supporting hundreds of clients while ensuring complete data segregation. It delivers all vital Privileged Access Management (PAM) functionalities in one comprehensive package. This encourages MSPs to offer Privileged Access Management-as-a-Service (PAMaaS) to their clients or manage client infrastructure across diverse environments, including on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid setups.

Advantages and Capabilities of Unified PAM MSP

The solution combines critical PAM capabilities such as privileged identity management, just-in-time remote access, session management, endpoint privilege management, and more, under a single package. This not only eliminates the need for various disjointed solutions but also offers improved visibility for MSPs to counter internal and external threats. MSPs can simultaneously handle multiple clients, different workflows, policies, and a combination of technologies, all with granular controls and complete flexibility over administrative operations.

Operational Flexibility and Governance with PAM MSP

Securden Unity PAM MSP ensures that both fully managed and co-managed IT models are meticulously handled. It offers secure, one-click access to client environments and enables service providers to establish controls, workflows, and policies. Under its fully outsourced model, the solution is entirely hosted within the service provider’s environment, reducing infrastructure costs for clients and presenting an opportunity for MSPs to generate recurring income streams and expand business opportunities. Moreover, it captures all critical events around privileged access as trails, assisting organizations in showcasing compliance with various industrial and government regulations.

In summary, the launch of Securden’s Unified PAM MSP marks a significant milestone in the world of cyber security solutions for Managed Service Providers. It emerges as a robust, all-in-one solution bridging the gap in privileged access security for MSPs across various operative models and diverse environments. Its comprehensive features ensure complete operational flexibility, making it a powerful tool in the current challenging cyber security landscape.

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