Sercomm Unveils Game-Changing Set-Top Box Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) and broadband powerhouse, Sercomm Corporation, has announced the debut of an industry-leading Set-Top Box (STB), built in conjunction with Broadcom and the RDK (Reference Design Kit) community. Let’s unpack this exciting tech development and its implications for consumers and operators worldwide.

Sercomm Corporation Unveils Advanced STB

Known for its innovative network solutions, Sercomm has stepped into the front line with its new STB. This cutting-edge device supports all the premium entertainment applications, pay TV, and Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) channels at up to 4K resolution. Moreover, it boasts WiFi 6 connectivity for seamless streaming. The STB also offers advanced capabilities including AV1, Dolby audio, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, voice remotes, cloud gaming, and even doorbell camera integration.

Role of RDK in Revolutionizing STB technology

The RDK community, spearheaded by Jason Briggs, President and GM of RDK, is an open-source software solution that standardizes core functions in video, broadband, and IoT connected devices. In its role, RDK significantly facilitates the development and deployment of applications and services across various hardware platforms. This collaboration between RDK and Sercomm on the STB enhances the device diagnostics control and customer experience.

Sercomm: A Leader in Telecom and Broadband Equipment

Established in 1992, Sercomm has gained recognition for simplifying networking with its embedded solutions. With full-fledged engineering capability and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Sercomm delivers a wide range of telecommunication solutions. Currently, Sercomm’s global operation extends across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Its excellence in the field has secured a customer base comprising eminent service providers, networking OEMs, and system integrators.

In conclusion, the launch of Sercomm’s advanced STB in collaboration with Broadcom and the RDK community shapes a promising future for IoT and broadband. This elegant blending of high-quality, top-value solutions and the latest chipsets from leading suppliers like Broadcom encourages optimal consumer interactions and engagement. All eyes are now on the ever-evolving telecommunication sector where Sercomm is poised to make significant strides.

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