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SLUSH 2022 – Acloset that never gets messy

Looko, under CEO Heasin Ko, will take part in the startup event SLUSH 2022 held in Helsinki, Finland from November 17th to the following day. Here they will present their digital closet platform “Acloset”, which helps users solve their daily fashion struggles by analyzing his or her clothing data using artificial intelligence.

Making the most out of your wardrobe

Acloset aims to transform how users approach day to day fashion, like disappointing styling, piles of unworn clothes and frustration. Launched in early 2021, the service has already exceeded over a million total global users from the US and Europe. The response has been largely positive as to its growth potential and the artificial intelligence used, and as a result the company attracted 3 billion in June of this year. Looko is now targeting a global user base, looking to expand.

At SLUSH 2022, attendees will be shown how users can take pictures of clothing or simply link the shopping information to create the digital closet. Once this step is completed, the closet can be accessed along with pictures for reference from anywhere, and plan outfits in advance, rather than spontaneously.

The user can get personalized advice for styling items into outfits that suit the weather or situation for the day, recommend products that fit in with the rest and compare the ways other users have been styling the same pieces to give even better, diverse advice.

The Acloset AI analyses pictures as well as videos of clothing, removing messy backgrounds and detailing textures in material, patterns, colors and type of garment. In total the service can recognize 250 attributes in a second, based on the large amount of personal clothing data, which continues to accumulate. It helps the user understand the individual characteristics of their clothes, and have a clean digital closet while enjoying styling and purchasing advice tailored to his or her unique needs and likes.

So for those despairing over tomorrows outfit, turning heads could soon become as easy as spending a few minutes on the phone – Piles of clothing strewn about on the floor not included!

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