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SLUSH 2022 – FASSKER brings Fashion to the Metaverse

FASSKER, under CEO Mark Choi, will attend SLUSH 2022 in Helsinki from November 17th until the following day, where they will present their fashion Metaverse Mall that combines community with fashion shopping, in an exciting VR and AR based 3D experience.

A new space for the fashion community

FASSKER was inspired by fashion designers selling their first virtual clothing, as well as other digital content, to engage with their customers. Sensing a new retail opportunity, FASSKER decided to create a designated platform for this very purpose, where fashion can be shared and experienced in the Metaverse. It is the worlds premier fashion mall in the meta verse, and only commercial service. It opens up the possibility of realistic showrooms, virtual stores and new ways for brands to communicate and interact with customers.

The company had a rough start. As a representative stated, the lack of capital made marketing and production extremely hard, despite the great talent of the young designers and the initially small quantities that were being produced. Moving design online and reducing the hurdles that space, resources and similar constraints pose, was the driving force behind entering the Metaverse.

“FASSKER World” is to be launched in January of the next year, and will connect digital and real world spaces with each other. As the company stated, it is meant to be a service to the community that enables people to share spaces and to create and sell their own creations.

The FASSKER team is a perfect combination of fashion and technology. Their strengths rarely seen in the digital fashion industry include a high sensibility in fashion content creation and a lightweight 3D content creation technology. (…)Composed of experts in various fields, including fashion, IT, games, 3D art, and videos, FASSKER provides the highest quality of 3D digital fashion content.

Spokesperson for FASSKER, 2022

High end fashion brands could soon use the Metaverse platform with a flourishing community of fashion enthusiasts, and showcase exiting pieces. The Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) has been supporting FASSKER in their endeavor, and is now connecting them to business opportunities with global brands as well as investors.

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