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SLUSH 2022 – Wave Company Presents 40x Cheaper Taping Alternative

Wave Company, under CEO Nancy Cho, will be attending SLUSH 2022, a startup event held in Helsinki from November 17th to the next day, and present new smart wear as well as sportswear made from bio-silicon.

Versatile silicone solutions; Fashion, medicine, tape

Wave Company makes smart sportswear that assists the movements that people do while exercising using bio-silicon technology. The silicon is elastic, both conductive and adhesive, and highly durable. Their special material is shaped like the wave pattern of their branding, making the sportswear a fashionable and recognizable choice, that also acts like taping.

The conductive silicone can be used for bio sensors and electrodes, and be helpful in fields such as healthcare. This “ElecSil” is elastic and slightly adhesive enough to attach to skin. In the medical field it could be used even in delicate circumstances, like measuring the electric activity in the hearts of mice. It can transmit data, is durable and bonds well with fabrics. The wearable version of this technology, ElecSuit, can make gaming more immersive by applying electric haptics to the game, as well as perform electrocardiography and electromyography.

Wearers of the Wave Company smart wear can concentrate on enjoying their exercise and improving their own performance, without worrying about possible injuries or pains. Combining the technique of kinesiology tape with active wear to make a compressing and protective garment makes this a simple solution, that can eliminate many fitness related concerns. As a company representative assured, clinical trials have proven that fatigue was decreased by 35%, and that people could exercise longer in comparison to traditional wear.

Providing three times the support to the joints as typical, the autofit sports taping allows the support to be added to the exact area where it’s needed. It has also been noted to reduce up to 40 percent of the cost that conventional, expendable taping measures would accumulate on average.

BWAS on the other hand, is an adhesive silicone that can be used in the exact same way as tape, but reused on WaveWear. It maintains its adhesiveness even after washing, and attaches tightly to the fabric, while moving flexibly with the skin of the wearer.

A promising company, that could help revolutionize several fields of industry, Wave Company has received support from the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP), an institution under the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, that provides intriguing companies such as this one support and business opportunities globally.

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