Some things to do during lockdowns for free!

This article may look like the typical article with some general notions on what you should do with your time. Well it is, yet this does not mean it can’t inspire you. Lately, I couldn’t help but notice how during lockdowns people are bored to death or discouraged. It doesn’t matter what reason, lack of money, anxiety for broken plans or fear of the virus people can’t seem to find something productive to do. Good news is: there are plenty of things you can do during lockdowns, and guess what they are all free!

Learn a new language

Although this is the best of clich├ęs of all time it cannot be mentioned. Who said that lockdowns have to be non productive? Why not learn a new language? Learning a new language, or at least perfecting one, has some benefits to it. For example, in 2013 a research group from Edinburgh University found out that bilinguism is directly linked to belated dementia. Out of 648 patients 391 were bilingual and all of them developed dementia on average 4 years later than monolingual people. Many studies confirm such finding, but adise from these kind of benefits there are many more. Other benefits may include: better decision making skills, improved memory, induced multitasking, bigger brain and so on. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an online course and get started.

Things you can and should do during lockdowns

Home workout time!

Is the lockdown making you eat too much nutella? Are you getting fatty?Gyms are closed and we are just going to deal with it like pros. People are always complaining about the lack of the right tools or facilities to work some muscles. However, we should remember we are in the era of the internet. No need to get specific here, all you need to do is go on YouTube and type “best home workouts” and you are all set. Whether it is water bottles curls, inclined push ups, inverted rows using a table you can do it. Now you know you can do training at home, no more excuses! Make good use of those boring hours you are at home everyday.

Things you can and should do during lockdowns

Learn a new skill

Last but not least is education. Everyone feels like the impact lockdowns had on the way we study or learn is fastly becoming a pain in the back. I don’t know if you heard about this but you can get a degree for a few hundred dollars and from your sofa. This sounds like madness, well even if it’s not Sparta, it’s Google! Earlier this year, the tech giant has announced its new projects, among is education. Google’s 6-months degrees will cost you up to 600 dollars and are totally carried out via the internet. You might say you have no money at all as you probably haven’t been working for the past month. No worries, some programs in addition to being online are utterly free. Now you don’t have no more excuses.

Things you can and should do during lockdowns

In conclusion, whether it is belly fat, boredom or just the need to learn a new skill now you know the path.

Well I hope you enjoyed our simple, yet solid list of things to do, to make this never-ending lockdowns a little bit more productive.

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