6 top unicorns of 2020 you need to know

Hold your chairs because you are about to be amazed! I have one word for unicorn companies which is “crazy”. What are these companies? Any firm which is valued more than $1 billion is regarded as a unicorn company. 

But why would you care about unicorn companies? To help with shares and investments. So, let’s dig straight into your potential business partners and know a little about them. 

The top six unicorn companies of 2020 – what’s so special about them? 

Following are some of the top six unicorn companies


The coalition is a firm which is smart and innovative when it comes to security breaches and attacks on the internet, yes, you hear it right. They are an insurance company you would be interested in hearing about. 

They give out insurance policies for your company, especially on all the internet and data stuff, they can offer up to $15 million compensation. Also, they are useful when it comes to securing your sensitive information. 

Worth: $125 million 

Cockroach labs

The founder Spencer Kimball was for sure creative enough to name this organization cockroach lab. As we all know that cockroaches can be challenging when it comes to killing them, so are their cloud-based services. 

When given this reference, this company regards their services as being not only healthy but protected from the right converting with high quality and up to date security measures. 

Worth: $195 million. 


Acorns is a platform that almost everybody might have dreamt of, and why is that? Because it helps you save real money with numerous benefits. 

You can save any amount you want as little as it would be, you can enjoy debit card benefits on your savings without any additional or hidden charges and much more. Not to forget, it would also update you about any sales, coupons available anywhere on your favorite brand, sounds like a must-have right? 

4 1 6 top unicorns of 2020 you need to know

Worth: $257 million. 


Andela is a corporation which works wholly for the betterment of people; it focuses and invests their attention in spots where they think there’s a shortage of tech workers. 

They provide their services in places where there is almost no system for tech, for example, Africa. This benefits not only them but the people who opt for the courses and training. 

Worth: $181 million 


This organization’s journey is inspired by the hardship faced by the founder itself when he was unable to get his medicine after waiting an hour in the line. 

The corporation runs on providing medicine through just a text or an app, delivered to your home; it’s convenient and innovative. The company was an absolute hit. 

Worth: $270 million. 


Any corporation that is born out of care goes a far way. After the great fires, building homes was hectic and emotional at the same time.

Homebound is a corporation which makes building homes easier, they guide you through the whole process and help you along with it.

Homebound is said to hit the unicorn list this year.

Are you looking for the top unicorns of 2020? This read would tell you all about them. If you are looking to get any unicorn information, you will find all above.

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