Stefanini Group Excels with Strategic EMEA Expansion

Stefanini Group, Brazil’s global tech giant, is extending its footprint in the EMEA region, particularly Italy and Romania. The company’s robust expansion strategy in these regions symbolizes Stefanini’s dedication to establishing itself as a significant player in the EMEA tech landscape.

Stefanini Group Strategically Expands in EMEA

Continuing on its ambitious growth trajectory, Stefanini aims to consolidate its position in key markets. In Romania, the Group has made significant strides by acquiring a cybersecurity company and a digital marketing agency. Around the same time, they have also paved their entrance into the Italian market by acquiring, an expert in IT infrastructure.

Acquisition of Bolsters Stefanini’s Growth

The acquisition of is a strategic move, enriching Stefanini’s presence with an added skill set and boosting its European growth efforts. Boasting a high contract renewal rate, brings to Stefanini both its loyal clientele and its expert team of 200. Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA, highlighted the strategic importance of the acquisition, which will enhance Stefanini’s local presence and engagement with customers in key European countries.

Stefanini Group’s Commitment to Innovation and Inclusivity

Stefanini is not just about expansion. Marco Stefanini, Global CEO and Founder of Stefanini Group, emphasized their dedication to inclusivity and innovation. The company is extending employment opportunities to every city in Romania as part of their commitment to a democratic tech industry. Striving to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech world, Stefanini encourages its employees to explore and experiment with new technologies.

In summary, Stefanini Group is on an aggressive expansion path in the EMEA region, with key acquisitions and a strong commitment to innovation and inclusivity. Their strategic moves in Italy and Romania will undoubtedly help strengthen their position in the European market. The combination of their entrepreneurial mindset and openness to new technologies will continue to drive their growth and success in the future.

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