Surge in 800 GbE Switch Adoption Ignited by Generative AI

In a new report, Crehan Research anticipates a significant rise in the adoption of 800 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches. Furthermore, generative AI applications are expected to boost this adoption rate, making it the fastest ever witnessed in the data center Ethernet switch space. Additionally, Crehan predicts exponential growth for 100-Gbps SerDes shipments.

Rapid Adoption of 800 GbE Switches Predicted

Crehan Research’s latest Data Center Switch Long-Range Forecast highlights the quick acceptance of 800 GbE switches, with estimated annual shipments exceeding 20 million ports within the next four years. According to Crehan, such acceleration in adoption would make it the fastest ever data center Ethernet switch speed ramp.

Generative AI’s Influence on Ethernet Networking

Generative AI, necessitating greater networking bandwidth than many other workloads, is pinpointed as a key driver of this rapid adoption. Seamus Crehan, president of Crehan Research, explains that generative AI could be the most significant application to emerge in many years. Already facilitated by Ethernet networking, generative AI sees deployment across five of the seven leading hyperscale cloud service providers and the world’s most rapid supercomputers.

Dominance of 100-Gbps SerDes in Data Centers

In conjunction with the strong acceptance of high-speed Ethernet switches for generative AI tasks, Crehan’s report also foresees a swift growth in 100-Gbps SerDes shipments. This technology is expected to overtake 50-Gbps SerDes shipments, becoming the most widely deployed data center Ethernet switch SerDes speed within three years.

In summary, the growing demands of generative AI applications are likely to spur the global acceptance of 800 GbE switches, resulting in unprecedented growth rates. Additionally, 100-Gbps SerDes is predicted to reign supreme within data centers due to its superior capacity and efficiency. The industry awaits these developments with anticipation as it steps into a new age of ultra-high-bandwidth data center networking.

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