Tegria RCM Renames to Acclara as Part of Strategic Expansion

Seattle-based healthcare technology consulting firm, Tegria, announced today that its revenue cycle management (RCM) division is renaming to Acclara. Following its acquisition by Tegria in early 2020, Acclara has been a renowned provider of RCM solutions for healthcare providers. This change will further expand its revenue cycle service capabilities and will pave the way for more innovation within the industry.

Building on Strong Foundation

The Acclara name reflects the division’s strong foundation and recognition among its largest clients and industry partners. This rebranding will allow the team to further innovate and expand its capabilities within the industry. With a focus on exceptional service and innovative solutions, Acclara helps its clients optimize their revenue cycle operations and improve their financial performance.

Lincoln Popp, formerly the director of Tegria RCM, will now lead Acclara as CEO. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, Popp aims to grow the brand and provide exceptional service to clients. Launching our reimagined Acclara brand is an exciting opportunity for our clients and employees, one that allows us to further innovate and expand our capabilities within the industry.

New Chapter Ahead

“Acclara spent over a decade establishing itself as a leader in the revenue cycle management space, and now we write a new chapter,” said Popp. “I look forward to building a culture that will drive organizational growth and deliver the highest levels of service to our clients as we embark on this new path, together.”

This change marks a major milestone for the team at Acclara and reflects their strategic focus on expanding their revenue cycle services capabilities. The renamed entity is poised for growth and success as they continue to provide exceptional services and solutions to healthcare providers.

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