TESLA: what you may not know about the electric car company

Everybody knows Tesla, billionare Elon Musk’s electric car company which promises to launch the world of automobile in the future!
However, there are a few things you may be surprised to find out.

Things you may not know about TESLA

More than you think

Tesla is not only an automaker, while many people believe the company only produces cars it also produces solar panels and sustainable electrical systems, like the Tesla Power Wall.
Another crazy yet true fact is that Tesla’s cars don’t have an off switch. Yes, you have read well! Technically the vehicle is never off, when parked it shuts itself down more like a laptop. So it sleeps more than shutting down,enabling it to receive constant updates as well as “coming back to life” in a hurry. Cool right?

Things you may not know about TESLA

Next one is gonna leave you speechless. Musk is not the founder. In 2003 two men originally founded Tesla, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, while Musk is the CEO of the company, but not the original founder.

Another crazy fact just a few people might know is its massive government loan payback. Tesla once received a 465 million dollars government loan, and despite being sometimes thought of abusing tax payers money it turned out not to be the case. Tesla paid back all 465 million dollars loan in 2013, with a 26 million dollars of interests. I can picture Musk in that day saying “Sorry folks, paid our taxes!”.

Things you may not know about TESLA

Did you know these unusual facts about Tesla? They are pretty cool to know, after all is not an ordinary car company!

I hope you have enjoyed the read. Thank you for your interest.

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