Transforming Businesses with Ethical AI: Introducing

LTIMindtree has announced the launch of, an innovative generative AI platform aimed at accelerating business transformation and enhancing engineering productivity through mindful AI principles. promises to reduce the time and effort required for app modernization and cloud migration programs by 40-50%.

Introducing The Generative AI Platform is a first-of-its-kind platform designed to help enterprises initiate and scale generative AI capabilities, boosting business innovation and engineering productivity. The platform’s architecture caters to creators who build generative AI solutions, admins who manage them, and users who consume governed generative AI solutions. also effectively manages proprietary and industry-specific data while ensuring ethical use, sustainability, privacy, and security.’s Impact on Business Innovation

Several global clients are already leveraging to address unique business needs and drive digital transformation. The platform guarantees up to 40-50% reduction in time and effort for app modernization and cloud migration programs. Clients gain access to LTIMindtree’s partnerships with leading Large Language Model (LLM) providers and an ecosystem of proprietary accelerators, domain-specific solutions, and a future-ready talent pool.

Embracing Ethical and Secure AI Solutions

Jitendra Putcha, Global Head of Data, Analytics, and AI at LTIMindtree, emphasized the importance of ethical AI adoption. offers built-in features such as explainable AI and a security-first approach to prevent technology abuse. These features help organizations navigate data regulations, minimize unintended bias, and ensure transparency across the business supply chain. provides tools for mindful innovation and resources for responsible generative AI deployment.

In conclusion, is a significant step forward in generative AI, enabling enterprises to harness the power of artificial intelligence while prioritizing ethical concerns, security, and transparency. The platform has the potential to expedite digital transformation and reshape the business landscape in a more responsible and efficient way.

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