Dataprise Acquires RevelSec, Bolstering Cybersecurity Services

Dataprise, a leading managed service and security provider, has announced the acquisition of RevelSec, a cybersecurity, cloud, and managed services company. The move comes as part of Dataprise’s strategy to expand its national footprint and deliver enterprise-grade technology services with a personalized, localized touch. The acquisition will allow Dataprise to provide more comprehensive technology services to clients across various industries.

Dataprise Acquires RevelSec for Expansion

As part of the acquisition, RevelSec’s 200 clients across heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and oil and gas will gain seamless access to Dataprise’s world-class Service Desk and unrivaled Cybersecurity, Data Protection, and Microsoft Cloud technology practices. The addition of RevelSec to Dataprise’s portfolio will allow the company to address the growing needs of its clients and expand its national presence.

Enhanced Cybersecurity and IT Services

The acquisition of RevelSec enables Dataprise to offer more comprehensive cybersecurity and IT services to its clients, with both companies sharing a commitment to helping clients protect their most valuable assets and drive their businesses forward. RevelSec’s CEO, Jason Silva, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, believing it would bring deeper value and scale to their existing clients.

Dataprise’s Continued MSP Acquisition Strategy

The acquisition of RevelSec is the latest in Dataprise’s series of MSP acquisitions, aimed at building a national footprint and providing enterprise-grade technology services with a localized approach. Christian Fulmino, SVP of M&A at Dataprise, stated that the company is actively looking to expand in strategic markets around the country, and this acquisition is in line with those efforts.

In summary, Dataprise’s acquisition of RevelSec is a strategic move to expand its national footprint and offer more comprehensive cybersecurity and IT services to its clients. The partnership allows both companies to leverage their expertise and resources to better serve their growing customer base, and it signals Dataprise’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its offerings through strategic acquisitions.


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