Trident IoT Launch: A Game-Changer in RF Development

In a game-changing move in the connected device market, a new tech firm sets sail. Trident IoT launches as a leading technology and engineering brand, aimed at transforming the RF development scene. They aim to expedite the time-to-market for connected device manufacturers and streamline the entire development process. Let’s delve into what this promising startup brings to the tech landscape.

Introducing Trident IoT: A New frontrunner in RF Technology

Led by IoT pioneers Mariusz Malkowski, Michael Lamb, and Bill Scheffler, Trident IoT enters the market with a clear vision – to simplify RF development and minimize product time-to-market. Realizing the slowdown in the industry due to supply chain issues and absence of product-specific design consultation, these innovators established Trident IoT. They will offer cost-effective solutions to companies of any size for rolling out their wireless products to the market.

Trident IoT’s Contribution to the Z-Wave Ecosystem

Despite providing consultation services for a variety of RF technologies, the initial offering from Trident IoT will focus on Z-Wave technology. They perceive a significant potential for Z-Wave Long Range (LR), a technology currently underrepresented and underserviced. Trident IoT plans to create silicon modules and chips that augment the latest Z-Wave technology. These advancements attract diverse markets including smart homes, hospitality, and multi-dwelling units.

Support from the Industry: Welcoming Trident IoT to the IoT Community

Industry players voice their support for Trident IoT’s initiative. Silicon Labs, a key player in the IoT arena, expresses delight as Trident IoT enters the marketplace. Colin Cureton, Senior Director of IoT Home & Life Ecosystems Marketing at Silicon Labs, holds that this will bring in much-needed diversity and innovation for the Z-Wave ecosystem. Furthermore, the Alliance of Matter, Zigbee, and Connectivity Standards Alliance cheer on Trident IoT’s launch, expecting the startup to propel the industry forward.

In conclusion, Trident IoT’s launch heralds a new phase in the IoT industry. With a solution-oriented approach, Trident IoT is aiming to break down the barriers that have been slowing down development in the connected device industry. Backed by experienced IoT pioneers and positive industry outlook, they are poised to fast-track RF-development and put the vitality back into the IoT product supply chain.

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