Majorel Breaks Ground with Majorel Infinity in Asia-Pacific

Majorel, a global leader in customer experience management, has announced the launch of a new service, Majorel Infinity, to cater to the digital consumer engagement needs of the Asia-Pacific market. This new milestone will broaden their global CX solutions and support further developments in the region.

Introduction to Majorel Infinity: Catering to Asia-Pacific needs

Majorel Infinity is an offering devised to meet the increasing demands of digitally-inclined clients in Asia-Pacific. The service draws upon Majorel’s legacy and proficiency in the region, centering its core offerings on consumer data & insights, technology, and digital marketing strategy & services. It is the newest addition to Majorel’s Tech & Expert Services, complementing existing products such as Majorel X and MajUP.

Leadership Insights: Majorel Infinity’s Future Outlook

According to Thomas Mackenbrock, CEO of Majorel Group, and Kevin Xu, Segment CEO of CEA at Majorel, the introduction of Majorel Infinity is anticipated to stimulate the company’s progress in the Asia-Pacific region. The team at Majorel boasts a proven track record of transforming consumer insights into competitive advantage for more than 70 top-tier brands in the area. They hope to further enhance customer acquisition, loyalty, and lifetime value with this latest offering.

Majorel’s Enhanced Customer Experience with Majorel Infinity

Majorel Infinity manages over 100 million consumer interactions planning and executing over 1,000 marketing and CRM campaigns each year. As a part of Majorel’s end-to-end CX offering, Majorel Infinity enhances the scope of customer experience services for clients, predominantly serving digital inclined clients in consumer goods, retail, and automotive industries. For deeper understanding of the new service and to explore its potential, individuals are encouraged to visit the company’s official website.

In summary, Majorel Infinity promises to strengthen the company’s foothold in the Asia-Pacific region by delivering specialized digital consumer engagement solutions. The launch of Majorel Infinity signals Majorel’s commitment to harnessing technology for improved customer service delivery in a dynamic digital landscape.

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