Uncover Hong Kong’s Unique Charm with HUAWEI Video

Immerse yourself in the culture and soul of Hong Kong as HUAWEI Video opens its doors to its 240 million users, offering two new iconic shows available in HD and subtitles in more than 96 languages. The shows, ‘Walking Homeland’ and ‘Hong Kong Story,’ aim to showcase a unique bouquet of cultural experiences, promising a captivating journey through the vibrant cityscape.

Exploring Hong Kong with HUAWEI Video

Take a stroll through the heart of Hong Kong with ‘Walking Homeland.’ Guided by local celebrities, the immersive travel dialogue offers viewers a distinct experience of the city’s districts. From uncovering hidden gems to learning about local traditions, the engagements capture the unique charm of each community. On the other hand, ‘Hong Kong Story’ is a mini-documentary that provides an insightful look into the city’s dynamic evolution through personal accounts, historical events, and cultural traditions.

Rich Content Offering on HUAWEI Video Platform

Besides Hong Kong V (Phoenix TV), HUAWEI Video has further expanded its content portfolio. In partnership with globally renowned content providers like BBC Studios and Paramount, the user gets to enjoy award-winning movies, series, documentaries, news, sports, kid’s content, and more. The HUAWEI Video app, pre-installed on all Huawei devices, is free-to-use by default. However, viewers with a Huawei Video+ premium subscription get additional benefits, including access to premium channels, ad-free viewing, exclusive content, and special discounts.

About Huawei Video and Hong Kong V

HUAWEI Video is a leading platform for streaming content, committed to delivering an immersive media experience. It boasts a vast collection of TV series, movies, and documentaries, catering to 240 million monthly active users globally. Phoenix Satellite TV launched Hong Kong V in 2022 to fulfill the diverse audiovisual needs of Hong Kong people across various platforms with its local news, service information, and lifestyle content.

In conclusion, the addition of ‘Walking Homeland’ and ‘Hong Kong Story’ to HUAWEI Video enriches the platform’s vibrant content offering. By bringing Hong Kong’s cultural image to global viewers, it helps the audience uncover the city’s unique charm through its people, places, and experiences.


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