Unmasking the True Cost of Internet Shutdowns: The NetLoss Insight

Challenging the surge of internet shutdowns worldwide, the Internet Society unveiled the NetLoss calculator, a significant tool that evaluates the economic fallout of these incidents. The tool is set to revolutionize how internet shutdowns’ financial toll is calculated, proving crucial for governments, regulators, and advocates concerned with economic stability.

Unveiling the NetLoss Calculator: A Game Changer

The NetLoss calculator, hosted on the Internet Society’s Pulse Platform, uses a groundbreaking econometric framework to estimate the economic damage caused by internet shutdowns. It helps provide an in-depth understanding of the economic consequences, offering an unseen level of precision and rigor. The methodology extends beyond traditional measures like GDP and includes changes in the unemployment rate, amount of foreign investment lost, and the risk probability of future shutdowns.

A Staggering Increase in Internet Shutdowns Globally

The past year witnessed a disturbing trend: a record-high increase in worldwide internet shutdowns. Governments ordered restrictions or complete blocks, particularly during civil unrest, school exams, and elections, resulting in major economic repercussions. Notably, the Middle East and North Africa region experienced a 62 percent increase from the previous year with 37 shutdowns across 11 countries. For instance, the recent shutdown in Sudan alone cost the country more than USD 3 million and led to the loss of 560 jobs.

The Impact of Internet Shutdowns on the Economy

While governments may view internet shutdowns as a solution to quell unrest or stop the spread of misinformation, the reality tells a different story. Such shutdowns are detrimental to economic activity, disrupting e-commerce, causing losses in time-sensitive transactions, increasing unemployment, and creating financial risks. The NetLoss calculator can effectively communicate this damaging impact to policymakers, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

As we wrap up, it’s essential to take note of the Internet Society’s dedication in opposing internet shutdowns and maintaining the integrity of the internet. Their innovation, the NetLoss calculator, is set to equip us with a comprehensive perspective on how these shutdowns can severely impact a nation’s economy. In the end, the message is loud and clear: shutting down the internet is never a solution.

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